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We set up in 1995 with the aid of decentralization benefits from the Government and are situated in a 2000sq meter factory. All employees are local residents and at present the Company employs 78 people.

We have been manufacturing PVC gloves for the South African Market for the past 12 years and, until now have supplied only major glove Distributors and other Manufacturers. At present we manufacture and supply in excess of 100 000 pairs of PVC gloves per month.

We complete the entire glove manufacturing process at the factory; this includes the fabric manufacture on our circular knitting machines from raw yarn, liner cut out on our travelling head presses, liner sewing in our liner section, liner turning in our turning section, PVC paste manufacture from our internationally recognised formulations, PVC dipping, dripping and curing via our 4 electric heated ovens, and then trimming, checking and finally packaging.

We have developed our business based on making to customer’s requirements and thus are able to manufacture any PVC glove type and colour from chip, sand, special coatings, patch, different fabric etc from samples given to us. We also make in the full colour range from orange to blue.

We make to SABS standard 1228 and have a SABS permit. As a result of this we are able to offer any PVC glove requiring the SABS mark.

At one time there were many glove manufacturers in South Africa but due to international competition and other factors there are now only 2 proper PVC glove manufacturers left in the country. We are one of them and we would like to introduce our latest Polymeric Abrasive Resistance glove to you.

Afriqueglove the name we have given to this polymeric glove was created and originated in South Africa by South Africans for South Africa and the whole of Africa. The glove has been made especially tough to deal with our conditions and as you will see from the table below exceeds even the SABS requirements by a good margin.
















We have this AFRIQUEGLOVE available in different types and fabrics but there is only one colour for AFRIQUEGLOVE being luminous green.

This unique glove is now being made available to you direct from the factory to buy via the internet at very competitive prices.

So:: If you are a small business and care about the safety of your employees hands and want the best glove to protect them don`t delay place your order for AFRIQUEGLOVE today and we will get busy making them and shipping to you. ( Minimum 10 pairs unfortunately). Click Here to Order

If you are a bigger glove user and would like our distributor to call on you please send us an e-mail and we will get the AFRIQUEGLOVE on its way to you as well.

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Afriqueglove is a PVC glove manufacturing business operating from a factory in Harrismith in the Free State.